Why Managed WordPress Hosting Is the Best Choice for Marketing Agencies?

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Why Managed WordPress Hosting Is the Best Choice for Marketing Agencies?

At times WordPress agencies face difficulties when it comes to finding the perfect hosting that they can resell to the clients. If you are a WordPress agency owner, you should be able to provide an easy to manage hosting package to your customers. However, this is not an easy thing to do, which is why a lot of marketing agencies face this dilemma as to whether to go for a WordPress hosting that is already managed or go for the shared hosting option which can be a lot cheaper.

Given the differences in their costs, it can get very confounding at times. However, when considering the long term benefits of it managed, hosting is definitely worth investing in. The reason why the agencies should steer clear of ging for the shared hosting for their customers

Before getting onto that, we need to understand what exactly is shared hosting. In simple terms, shared hosting means that one server can allow several websites to be hosted. Part of what makes it a viable option is that it is very low in cost; however, there are some cons of it as well that you should consider.

The low-cost factor is what makes this option more unreliable since the marketing agencies accumulate most of their goodwill assets via reliability.

One more issue with low-cost hosting is that uptimes are shorter and resolving issues takes longer. These benefits can be accessed through managed hosting. Uptime is much shorter, and since there is just one server for several websites that can also lead to security-related risks. Also, the overall performance of each website is affected.

For instance, if one of the websites sharing the same server gets a lot of traffic all of a sudden, this could lead to the website crashing. Besides that, if a virus infects one of the websites, it could also affect the server which can, in turn, affect all the websites on the server, and they can potentially crash.

Also, when you have to upload certain projects or applications online in order to provide additional hosting support the agencies have to put in more resources while also having to act as an intermediary between the hosting provider and the customer. All these points towards the fact that on the surface level, shared hosting might look cheap, but in the long run, it costs more.

Some of the factors that act as hurdles for agency owners when it comes to settling for the right shared hosting for their customers:

  • poor security
  • site access that is blocked
  • the odds of losing data is high
  • increased downtime

All these negative points can lead to the downfall of your agency’s growth, and more the people visiting your website face these issues, more quickly it will spread. All those dissatisfied clients can leave negative feedback citing that your service is poor, which can affect your chances of attracting potential customers. Considering all these points, it is instead a better choice to opt for the managed hosting for WordPress.

Why Choose Managed WordPress Hosting?

The agency owners do not like to keep contacting the hosting providers every time there is an issue such as why the website is down, and when is it going to start working again. They do not want to go through all these since they do not want to lose their precious time.

To avoid all these, you can go for the managed hosting for the agency. Managed WordPress hosting comes with a lot of benefits such as better security, higher speed, and quick management of issues. Managed hosting makes sure that you do not have to worry about anything since it easily takes care of the most encountered issues.

Additionally, the hosting provider takes care of the server and the website for you. In case there is a technical glitch since they are the first ones to be aware of the problem, they will take the required action proactively. On this digital marketing agency in NYC, Break The Web points out that if clients have enlisted certain tasks that require changes made to the website to support the campaigns, clients can simply share the login details to easily access the website backend and server.

What Makes it a Better Option?

  • Application & Server Performance

Managed hosting supports cloud servers that are highly stable and secure because the entire data is carefully stored virtually. And since there are multiple resources acting as a single unit, the cloud servers can easily take up the faults. Most customers would want several applications to run in the background of the website without them crashing. Managed hosting for WordPress gives you all these benefits.

  • Offers Well Managed Backups & Updates

With managed WordPress hosting comes other benefits like frequent updates and backups, which makes it easier for you to restore all the lost data in case of technical glitch or accident. With managed hosting, you no longer have to update and backup manually as they take care of all that without you having to get involved in it.

  • Wholesome Technical Support

In simple words, Pay More, Get More! In case you come across any issues you no longer have to wait or stand in long queues as your issues can be easily solved with the help of live chats.

Some firms have dedicated online support available 24/7 when it comes to getting quick solutions to your technical issues. If you are one of those that run a bigger agency opting for the managed hosting is a viable option as your clients would want to get your assistance immediately. If your client has to wait, this can work against your reputation and may affect your long term relationship. Instead, it is much better if you are able to answer all of their questions as soon as possible.

With managed hosting, you can take advantage of providing extended and wholesome technical support on any issue through a quick chat or over the phone support. For better technical support, you might have to pay extra; however, you can redeem that by charging extra from your customers.

  • Flexible Pricing Option

The internet is full of companies/agencies such as Bluehost, SiteGound, etc. offering managed hosting for WordPress websites with flexible payment options. They also give you the option to customize the specifications of the server early on to avoid any extra charge later on. That way, managed hosting proves to be more cost-effective.

  • Collaborative Work

Some of the providers offer managed WordPress hosting with collaborative features. The collaborative feature allows you to easily manage various applications while also being able to check the management system including billing, and updating information on your account.

Reselling Can Generate Added Income

The managed hosting can be resold to the customers, which helps in making passive money. Managed hosting is reliable, safe and also provides great performance which can, in turn, improve the reputation of your agency. Some agencies do make use of these features in order to generate more revenue.


After you get a hands-o experience of how managed WordPress hosting works, you would understand why it is getting so popular. Managed hosting is no doubt not as cheap as the “ Shared hosting”, but investing in it is worth every penny as it offers a slew of attractive and beneficial features which is why for a lot of agencies managed WordPress hosting is their number one choice.