Weird Ingredients Found in Korean Cosmetics

These days, when you browse Korean beauty shops, you see lots of products with new ingredients found in them. Most likely, you will find products with slightly weird ingredients that you’ve never heard of before, including snail extracts, gold, silver, and mushroom extracts among others. Korean cosmetics manufacturers are unafraid to try different ingredients for their products because of the demand for these innovations worldwide. If you have been looking for products with gold flecks, do not be surprised if you find them in Korean beauty products.

More than eyebrow tattoos - there are unusual Korean beauty products that workSouth Korea has enjoyed fame in recent years because of its K-drama and K-pop stars and songs. These models, celebrities, and singers have become the country’s ambassador to showcase what South Korea can offer. Along with these media personalities came the world’s demand for beauty products that these celebrities use. People wonder why both men and women’s skin looks so smooth, and the diet and fitness regimen of these personalities that allow them to remain skinny.

If you happen to visit South Korea and you enter a grocery, drugstore, shopping mall, or beauty store, you will notice that there is a wealth of products to choose from. There are also massive sections for men, women, teenagers, and seniors. If you are familiar with the set-up in many other countries, there is usually just one aisle for beauty products for everyone to choose from. However, in South Korea, the people take beauty seriously. It is a given that what works for men does not work for women, and what works for seniors does not work for teenagers.

South Korean beauty products have proven their strong mark in the market as we now find many copycats of their products. BB and CC creams are now produced by manufacturers from different countries, including the US, France, and Australia.

There are now lots of ingredients that South Korean manufacturers infuse in their K-Beauty products. But what are the most unusual of all these thus far? Have a look at some of them:

1. Snail slime

Holistic medicine has long used snails for treatments. Some ailments touted to be treated by snails include immune system disorders and blood circulation problems. Snails are either used for the cupping technique (where snails are placed on the skin so they can stick to your body) or for ingestion (through pulverizing their shells or extracting the body). It sounds gross, for sure, but many patients and health practitioners swear by the snail treatment’s effects.

Snail slime for smooth skinMany Korean beauty products are now infused with snail slime because this ingredient is said to be excellent for anti-aging treatments. It helps your skin gain moisture and keeps it supple. Don’t worry. Product developers are smart with how they do the infusion so you can’t tell the presence of snail slime at all.

2. Sunflower seeds

Sunflower oil is widely used for cooking in South Korea. It is the preferred oil above all others because many people believe that it contains more nutrients compared to others. If you look at its nutritional value, per 100 grams of this oil contains 36 grams of polyunsaturated fat and 46 grams of monounsaturated fat. It is a healthy oil to use as you can see from its nutritional data, given that other oils have more saturated fat in them.

Sunflower seeds for fabulous hair and skinWhile sunflower oil is commonly used in cosmetics, the use of sunflower seeds is a new phenomenon. Many Korean beauty products have now started infusing these seeds into their products which are touted to help balance your skin’s pH level. If you have dry or oily skin, it is then good for you to use products with sunflower seeds. These seeds also act as a gentle exfoliator; thus, you can get rid of waste build-up in your skin.

These new additions to Korean beauty products prove that the country is willing to explore different ingredients to give you products that are the right fit for you. Try them and see for yourself how they work for you.