Secrets to an Uber Enjoyable Wedding Reception

Fun games and activities at the wedding receptionWedding receptions are going on a different turn these days, with more couples deciding to try something new. In the past, receptions were more traditional, with people opting for the usual wedding cord, garter, doves, and slicing of the cake. Currently, though, couples are going for unique and quirky ideas that reflect their personalities.

The reason for this is that couples are now exploring other options that get to reflect their personalities well. So, it is now not surprising for people to try something new. Some couples go with a Star Wars-themed reception, while other couples go with their fantasies. Now it is not unusual to find Disney-themed receptions, beach themes, debut ball-like themes, and burlesque reception parties. All of these would have been unthinkable in the past decades, but it is a refreshing sight given that many people are now more open to unique receptions.

Let’s be honest: more people look forward to the reception more than the ceremony. It is because ceremonies are deemed as boring and monotonous; while receptions are the total opposite with the fun side to it. So, while there is pressure for the couple to make the ceremony as solemn as possible, there is also the expectation for the reception to be exceptional.

When you book the band, for example, you don’t simply search on Google, “Connecticut wedding band and entertainment.” More than looking for a generic-sounding group, you want to search for someone who’s more than competent to do the job. You wish for your guests to enjoy the event with great music. And, of course, you want to make sure that your favorite hits are played the way you want to.

A live band sets the mood in the receptionStop trying so hard

If you want your event to be super enjoyable, first off, stop trying so hard. You don’t have to force things because if you do, you don’t get to show the authenticity of the event. You want to make sure that the event reflects who you are as a couple. So what if you are a bookworm and all you want to do is to hang around the house? So what if your partner is a gamer who only wants to lock himself in the room on weekends? If these are your trademark characteristics, then do not be afraid for these traits to shine. Do not be frightened that your guests will not enjoy seeing the real you. You will be surprised by everyone’s support once they see how reflective your reception goes with your personality.

Think of your guests

Seating arrangement is crucial if you want your guests to enjoy the event. Anyone wouldn’t want to be seated next to a person they’ve just met, right? So, go for quality over quantity. You may think that you want to pack in as many people as you can in the reception hall, but if doing so will sacrifice people’s comfortability with each other, then it will not work out in the end.

It may sound fun to rearrange seats and to put people from different groups together. However, save this on your next get-together; not on your wedding.

To make this work, make a list of your guests. Make sure that you’ve got everyone covered, and you’re not missing guests on your list. Next, group them, which is also easy to do if you know the person. That’s the beauty of organizing a wedding where you know every guest attending.

However, problems arise when your mother, father, or grandparents start inviting their friends. For sure, you know and are close to some of them. But it is also not uncommon to not know some of their other friends. If you decide to accommodate your parents’ or grandparents’ friends, make sure that they do the grouping for you. It will save you the time and hassle of grouping people together that you do not know about.

Kids can have their own table with activities and food they can enjoyAre kids invited?

It is understandable why some couples choose to have a “no kids” party. The top reason for this is it can be challenging to do extra planning for the kids, who will get bored as ever with the long evening. So, if you are inviting kids to your wedding, make sure that you keep them in mind, too.

You can start off with choosing a different menu for them, which features cute things like star-shaped nuggets or colorful desserts. You can also give them a “kids’ kit” upon arrival at the reception, where they can get their hands at coloring books, crayons, and other art supplies. The key here is to keep them preoccupied with things that they like doing because the last thing that you want to happen is for kids to beg with their parents to go home frantically.

If you can’t make these extra preparations, then consider having a “no kids” party instead.

These are some of the secrets to make your wedding reception uber enjoyable and memorable. Plan it out with your partner, and make sure that your event gets to reflect who you are as a couple. There is no point trying to be this and that person if you want your guests to enjoy the event. More than anything, you want everyone to feel welcome and to experience the joy of you being together for life.