How to Provide the Best Social Media Customer Support

If you have a business, it is now a must for you to put up a social media account. Having none can amount to having no business at all. You must make sure you are present on at least one social media platform, whichever you think works best for you.

However, putting up a social media account is just one thing. You have to maintain your account and make it relevant to everyone. Like your business, you have to run it like a company and ensure that you get to deliver excellent customer service. You cannot just expect your page to run for you because you have to put in the effort of updating content, putting up exciting photos and videos, and answering customers’ queries.

Leveraging customer service through social media channelsIt is now more critical than ever to provide customer support, even on your social media pages. It is because most people now contact a company’s social media page more often than its official phone and email lines. Many think that when they reach a company on social media, they will receive replies quicker than going the traditional route. A reputable digital marketing team (visit their Buffalo, NY location) also thinks that social media makes posting public, they get the answers that they want, since other people can see the company’s response.

While social media has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. Some people put reviews to their advantage by threatening businesses with negative reviews if they don’t get what they ask for. Other people even put negative reviews even if they haven’t experienced a company’s services, so they get freebies. Sadly, there are people like these who think more of themselves more than anything. As a business, you have to find a way to manage people like these. One fool-proof way that you can resort to is to report them to the online administrator.

But do not just focus on these negative people. How about your current and potential customers? How do you address their needs, and ensure that they are kept happy with your products and services?

Here are some tips on how you can provide the best social media customer support:

Hiring staff to man social media queries is crucial1. Answer within 24-48 hours

Promptly answering is crucial when dealing with customers on social media. Since they are contacting you on your official business page, they expect to get results that they want quickly. If you don’t have enough staff to man your social media pages 24/7, you can have a generic reply that can be sent immediately after a post or message. However, be sure to get back to the customer within 24-48 hours. This sense of urgency can do wonders for your business and can add into your brand’s integrity. When you answer promptly, you tell people that you are a company that others can rely on.

2. Be friendly and professional at the same time

There is no use being overly academic and formal when dealing with customers on social media. You want to build a connection with your audience, so having a friendly tone with your replies is crucial. However, do not make it overly casual and forget that you, too, are a business. Therefore, ensure that you have a friendly tone while keeping things professional. Start with a greeting, then your brief response, a Thank You, and a salutation with your name. This formula works every time, so you can start incorporating this into your answers.

Providing social media customer support can be challenging, especially with the response promptness that is expected by customers. Your professional, friendly, and quick replies can go a long way for your company, so make sure that you get to incorporate these into your customer support strategies.