How are Private Chefs Different than Personal Chefs?

A majority of the people think that the private chef and personal chef are two separate names for the same profession. However, their jobs differ in terms of their clientele, style, their wages, and duration of work. Although becoming a personal or a private chef is both a fulfilling choice of professions in the school of culinary.

Personal vs Private ChefBefore understanding the difference between both, it is very important to know the correct definitions as most of the time they are used interchangeably. For example, the private chef of a certain celebrity is often misunderstood as a personal chef.

Personal Chef

A personal chef is one who is appointed by different clients to prepare meals in the kitchen of the client. So, they have the complete liberty to choose their clients on their own. The personal chefs own their own business, and hence they are self-employed. Their job is mainly based on the needs and the preferences of their clients.

The personal chefs tend to create a customized meal plan; they also collect all the groceries needed to prepare the meal and even clean the kitchen themselves. After the meal is prepared a part of the prepared meal is kept for the present use, and the rest is either stored or packed in a container to refrigerate for future use.

Some of the personal chefs are also responsible for arranging and preparing certain dinner parties and other important events. In such occasions they take the full responsibility of shopping, preparing the meal, serving the guests, and clean up space after the party is over.

The menu that is prepared for this occasion is planned in advance with the client, and the whole arrangement is executed according to the guidelines of the health department.

It is often found that the job of a personal chef is somewhat grueling as they have to tackle a lot of clients at the same time. As personal chefs have to prepare different meals at once in a fairly short period, they are generally very fast in their movement.

Private Chef

The private chefs generally work with a single client, family or organizations. They normally prepare meals for a single day. The private chefs are hired by a particular client or organization and work for this client or organization against a fixed salary. They have fairly regular working hours and prepare up to 3 to 4 meals every day.

Private chefs often work with celebrities and high-end families; they are supposed to prepare cuisines for entertaining. The meal prepared by the private chef is mainly done in the employer’s kitchen, using the employer’s utensils. Although, most of the private chefs prefer to bring some of their favorite cooking utensils as well- especially they are very attached to their knives.

Similar to the personal chef, the private chef is also responsible for grocery shopping as well. They are also responsible for clean up space after their cooking is over.

As the private chefs are only attached to a single family, sometimes they become very intimate with the family. Therefore, it is mostly found that the family who hires a private chef tends to pay a full salary to their private chefs.

Differences in their duties – Personal and Private

  • Duties of both these categories of chef depend on their employer(s) choice. The private chefs are responsible for looking after the cooking of their single or limited employers. On the contrary, the personal chef has to take responsibility for a pretty good number of people.
  • It is necessary for a personal chef to present their meals to their clients in a healthy and hygienic way. They are equally responsible for storing the food properly for future use. On the other hand, the duties of a private chef are mainly focused on meal preparation.
  • Wherever and however they work, private chefs become familiar with their employer’s requirement. They even become aware of their employer’s likings and disliking towards certain food in the course of time.

Differences in their job – Personal and Private

The private chef makes a weekly menu after consulting with their employer. But, a personal chef prepares a customized menu with the approval of their client.

A private chef always prepares a fresh meal which is consumed by the client on the same day. Their meals are not stored or refrigerated. Whereas, the personal chefs prepare a meal for a whole week and refrigerate them so that the client can have them to eat all through the week.

Since private chefs are employed by specific employers, they have to present themselves on the demand of their employer. But the personal chefs own their own business, so, they plan their job according to their plan.

The private chefs often travel with their employer in their vacations to provide them with meals at those locations. They often live in the house of their employers. On the other hand, personal chefs usually do not live or to travel with their clients.

Differences in their estimated salary

Private chefs earn moreGenuinely, there is no basic difference between the expected salary of a private chef and a personal chef. Their salaries depend upon the qualification in the culinary school and their years of experience. A private chef can earn an amount of $62,249 annually, whereas the personal chef can earn up to $43, 447 annually depending upon their volume of work.

How are personal chefs trained?

Certified personal chefs should get continuous educational requirements to maintain their certification. The personal chefs are supposed to have an experience of at least one year from a high school or culinary training center. Get in contact with a professional chef and inquire about their services and how different it is from a private chef to understand the difference and benefit of hiring a personal and private chef.

The personal chefs must have sound culinary knowledge so that they can customize menus to meet the needs of some customers. They should know the art of multiple cooking methods. Also, they must have experience of two or more than two years to meet the demand of most of the customers. They can also get certification from (APPCA) or (ACF)

The American Culinary Federation recognizes two certifications for personal chefs – Personal Certified Chef (PCC), and Personal Certified Executive Chef (PCEC)

How are private chefs trained?

The training of a private chef is quite similar to that of a personal chef. The private chef can opt for a certificate after getting an experience of two years from any of the professional kitchens in any hotel (5 Star) or restaurants.

Both the personal and private chefs share one thing in common. They are both responsible and sensitive to their employers. They both have to follow the dietary restrictions of their employers. So, the need for a chef completely depends upon the lifestyle of the client. It is one’s personal decision whether to become a private chef or a personal chef, but both of them share an equally enjoyable and entertaining job.