Joe’s Robotic Hand

The following site contains the work Joe Rush who is an inventor specializing in mechanical robot devices and other items. He is available for comment or for quotes to bid on your project here.


The newest invention in “Joe’s Shop” is the “MEMORY WIRE ROBOTIC HAND”

joe robot handThe Memory Wire Hand precisely follows the actions of a human hand as dictated by the user. Constructed of inexpensive yet durable plastics, this product will be more apt to become employed in a number of situations from completing daily tasks to assembly line duties. The entire unit is similar to a human hand with fingers completely mobile and able to grasp objects.

joe rush robotic hand diagramWhile implementation of this product may not be as necessary in the lives of regular individuals, those requiring a prosthetic or who perform a repetitive task will especially appreciate the “Memory Wire Hand”.

To improve efficiency and productivity, many companies are implementing robots. “Memory Wire Hand” is an inexpensive yet fully functional robotic arm. This product can be very important to medicine as well as industry. This device may be used as an appendage for individuals requiring a prosthetic limb.

FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS: The inventor has indicated a willingness to negotiate the financial arrangements

For further information: You may contact the inventor at 515-256-8074.

US PATENT NUMBER:5,647,723;patented July 15,1997 (14 claims)


Mr. Joseph A. Rush
922 SW Frazier Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50315