Hovercraft Motorcycle

Hovercraft Motorcycle

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Plans available, contact the inventor by phone at 515-256-2694

hovercraft design planPUBLIC DOMAIN, a new and unique form of transportation that blends the attributes of a hovercraft with that of a motorcycle to provide a new form of transportation for the 21st century. The innovation offers a hovercraft developed for travel over land that uses motorcycle steering and propulsion. This invention, awarded a U.S. patent, is being offered by Joseph Rush.

“Hovercraft with Motorycle” is unique in the world of vehicular travel. As the name implies, it is a hovercraft type of vehicle with motorcycle steering and propulsion. The advantage is that the user has access to all the benefits of hovercraft along with the improved steering and propulsion. Traditional hovercraft devices, because they have no supplementary steering or propulsion system, are difficult to start and stop and are affected with sluggish steering capabilities. In “Hovercraftwith Motorcycle” those problems are virtually nonexistent. Also besides brakes it also has reverse to mke travel easier. This is a form of transportation that is in step with today’s needs.

For More Info: You may contact the inventor at (515)256-2694

U.S. Patent Number: 5,377,775 Patented 1/3/95 – NOW IN PUBLIC DOMAIN

Inventor: Joseph A. Rush 922 S.W. Frazier Ave. Des Moines, IA 50315

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: You may contact the inventor by phone at : (515)256-2694