Are You Committing These Seven Easy-to-Fix Mistakes With Your Personal Brand?

What do you see when you log in to your LinkedIn account every morning? A red flag icon in the right-hand side (in case of mobile, it is in the left-hand side) of the site. However, when you check them through, the notifications are not about you. Actually, another member of your connections published a new content either featured in the media or talking at a conference.

Then you feel the sense of insanity that you have lagged to far behind with your own personal brand and do not even know where to start. Your colleagues have easily enhanced their personal brand while you tackle the question of what to do and how to do it. Now your heart stimulates, tension beat you and then your day begins and until the morning, you forget everything about your personal brand. It is a repetitive mindset and in the Inbound Marketing industry, it haunts more people than actually willing to admit. Fortunately, we can take few steps to build our personal brand. If you’re looking to find more information on how you can improve your branding, contact the Inbound Marketing Agency, Fannit

Personal Branding

Below are the most common mistakes people make while building their personal brand and learn how to solve them.

  1. You have not questioned yourself what you desire from your personal brand

First, ask yourself some questions about your brand. Why and how do you wish to improve your personal brand? Is it through blogging, interaction with media? Is it for your company, for yourself, for your customers? Asking these questions to yourself will help you to identify the “why” first, the “how” second and after that you plan your onslaught. You need to focus on your goals; otherwise, you will try to do everything, which will lead you in an immobile state.

  1. You are not doing sufficient

If you really want to improve your personal brand then ask yourself, are giving your 100% of what you could be giving to improve your brand? Have you earmarked particular time this week to focus exclusively on your brand? The answer will most probably be no. You have to commit several hours every week to see results.

  1. You are narrowly spreading yourself

You might be surprised, but it is true. People often take more than they can complete at a high quality level of output. Whether it is on the topic(s) of prowess or amount of quality outputs every month, do not spread yourself too thin. Identify where and why you need to be there and stick to that target. Get Seattle Web Design services with Fannit here.

Ask yourself these three questions before putting your content on public spotlight:

  • Do people know something they did not know before, while engaging with your content?
  • Are they going to recommend your content to others?
  • Can they have any positive impact on themselves or others through your content?
  1. You are irregular

Another major problem is the inconsistency. You produce numerous quality blog posts one month and nothing in the next. You attend winter seminars, but become a ghost in summer. Build what is reasonable for you and find ways to stay on top of your industry peers on regular basis. People tend to forget quickly these days and many have already forgot what you did last quarter.

  1. You are not stretching out to others to collaborate

One of the best ways to improve your personal brand is to collaborate with others. Many people use platforms like LinkedIn, HubSpot effectively to promote their businesses. You can think of collaborating with others to increase the quality and the visibility of your business.

  1. You are not original

Best methods are the recommendations based on what has worked well before. If you only follow those methods, you will not be doing enough to discriminate yourself. You have to carve your own path if you really want to stand out in the crowd. You need to focus on building your audience with unique and quality contents while staying updated about what your peers are doing.

  1. You are intimidated by others success

If you have just begun building your own personal brand, you should not intimidate by other’s success. If you researched thoroughly on why you really want to improve your personal brand and answer the questions above in positive, you will be in better position than your peers will.